Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Photo updates...

Tony our fridge

 Sold my Beetle Penny

Me dressed up and posing at Goodwood

Shopping in vintage Tesco at Goodwood

We gave baking a fun, naughty twist!

Caesar salad at our lovely 50s table!

The vintage straw holder!

Long time, no see

So it has been a very long time since me and Chris have posted. 
We have been very busy bees.
1. We found somewhere to live and moved in.
2. We got engaged.
3. We have been planning the wedding.

Somewhere in between all that we have still been collecting retro, kitsch and vintage items that we want to share with the world. Just think of it like we have been off working on writing material. Ahem.

Home sweet home
Anyway. Where do I start?? I'm not even sure to be honest.
Perhaps with our lovely home. It is a flat built in 1901 situated above a bakery in an old fashioned little village in the depths of Cambridgeshire. Every wall, door frame and line in the flat is wonky and we love it. When were spirit levels invented exactly??? Since we moved in we have been busy decorating, furnishing and unpacking. Well let's say Chris has I've mainly just been throwing up a lot and hiding in our now very pretty bedlinen.

Furniture and things
We have acquired lots of lovely vintage furniture from ebay, vintage shops and friends. I can't wait to post about them all!

The kitchen has an original 1950s glass fronted wall cabinet which is currently housing all out china and glass although the best of this is moving to its new home of a lovely wood and glass cabinet which we are collecting this weekend. We are also collecting a lovely solid wood side board and wardrobe and a 1930s 3 piece suite!
We also got bought a 1950s formica table and a 1930s dressing table and mirror as moving in presents from our mothers!

Will you marry me?
We finally got engaged as well after having bought the engagement ring months ago! We bought the ring from an antique jewellers while we were holidaying in Cornwall. It is from 1900-1910 with a solitaire diamond and is the prettiest piece of jewellery I have ever seen!
I got home from work one Saturday afternoon to find the flat spotless and there on our 1950s formica table was our treasured polaroid camera with a polaroid hanging out of it. On closer inspection the polaroid was of a post-it note (a private joke) that read "Will you marry me?" and the ring in a beautiful bakelite heart box.
Chris walked in at that moment and I jumped into his arms! We hugged as I giggled and kissed. He asked me if I saw what was on the table. I replied of course I had and was he going to ask me properly! He knelt down one one knee asked me the question I'd be so longing for him to ask me and said YESSSSS!!!!!! Of course!!!!

So that pretty much sums up most of what's been happening recently.

I have also got a job, though have been off sick since last week. I work at the Post Office! How quaint :)

I'll try not to leave it so long next time. Plus I'll get busy on the pictures next!

Love for now x

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