Thursday, 3 February 2011

Music to my ears!

This is just a quick update as I'm on my lunch break.
I have been listening to and loving forties wartime music at the moment and one of my favourite songs I have discovered is this one
Enjoy :)

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Photo update

My didn't January go by quickly!
Anyway as Chris takes most of the photos and doesn't update the blog or give them to me I sometimes get them a bit late, so apologies of how late some of these are!
I will try to put them in order...

 Our vintage style Christmas tree

Retro Casio watches

This is Ninja Turtles fancy dress costume that Chris's mum made him when he was little! So cute!! 

 Chris's culinary talents, yummy eggy crumpets and bacon he made us for breakfast one weekend! :)

 Gingerbread cookie cutters we got for Christmas

Me and Chris's sister Trish baked an Earl Grey cake. 

 Cupcakes I made!

Our fish Ringo!

Super cool condiments Chris found in TK Maxx!

avandia recall