Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Brownie Flash 3

Finally got round to scanning in the photos from our Brownie Flash 3, one of our 3 box cameras. The photos were taken by Chris when we went to Cromer for the afternoon. The film was a colour 120 although I think it was meant to be 620, it still worked though was just pretty stiff to roll the film on. Only 5 photos out of 8 came out (possibly wound on too far in between shots, oops)... and these were the best 3! Can't wait to get our own dark room!

The pier, taken from the beach.

The town centre

The pier from a different angle, taken from the promenade.

Easter weekend

For the Easter bank holiday weekend we headed North to the midlands where my mum and brother live in Warwickshire in a lovely 16th century, countryside retreat of a house! We went to a joint 50th birthday bash of my aunt and uncle and saw lots of family. 

On Saturday we visited some fellow VW enthusiasts, Buddy and Louise, who have been wanting to move to Canada for over a year and finally just sold their house a couple of weeks ago! So we are keeping our fingers crossed for them :)
We exchanged photos of our wedding and a wedding they went to in Vegas the same weekend as our wedding! (Know where I'd rather have been!) 
Louise also told us if we have a baby girl we can have her 1960s dolls pram and dolls she had when she was little! What a lovely vintage surprise! :)

Later that day we went to Ikea. Possibly the worst way to cheat on vintage, with mass-produced, flat-packed furniture! Though if you pick the right items and combine nicely with some key retro pieces I think it can work very well. It's also so easy, they have everything you want at a good price, no need to scour the internet for hours and hours only to get outbid at the last second! 

We started the trip off with delicious Swedish meatballs <3 then slowly worked our way round the store, excitedly buying baby items and other things to make our house more homely :)

Though I wasn't impressed when we got home to find I had forgotten to pick up certain fitting of bulb for our new floor lamp! Oh well, looks like we'll be making another trip!

We also went to the cinema with my brother where we found these napkins!

We then finished the weekend off nicely with a BBQ my brother had organised as a sort of farewell party before he joins the RAF.
Me and Chris are on the far right.

 It wasn't the best weather, a little on the chilly side, but it was delightful to see our friends :)
Chris and Chris taking a picture of one another!

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Baby update!

So now I am 34 weeks and 5 days pregnant, there is less than 6 weeks till our baby is due!
I get more nervous and more excited with each day! It's such a strange feeling, not knowing what to expect, I bet second time around is much better at least you know what happens exactly. I am coping OK though, even not having any family or friends around, I've just been keeping busy with sorting the house out!
We had another scan this Monday to check how things were going and everything is fine, which was a nice relief. Although we were informed the baby is 35-36 weeks size already, so we're going to have a big baby! Although at least baby is growing properly and is healthy. We saw the baby swallowing (no wonder it gets hiccups so much the amount it swallowed!) and then the radiographer zoomed in on the baby's face and it was amazing like a photo!

Other baby related things are what we have had to get ready for the baby. As Chris only had a 2 seater van and I had no car, we decided it was time to buy a new car with more seats! Chris decided he wanted a Mk5 Golf (yes we only wanted a VW!) So we found a really good one and we and picked it up last weekend, which just happened to be in Bournemouth (where my dad lives). So we had a lovely weekend at the beach and my was it hot!
The new car!

Also last weekend we thought it was about time to look for a pram and car seat, so not only did we look we ended up buying them!
Ideally we would have had a vintage Silver Cross or similar. Chris still wants a Wisa Gloria because they look like a hot rod!
Though practicality-wise, as we go to a lot of VW shows on grass we thought an off road pram would be better suited to us. So we picked a Baby Jogger. Quite plain in black, but it will look much better when it has some lovely blankets in etc. :)

Just got to get everything else now!

New home!

28th March
We finally got to move into our new house! Unfortunately the cold I had been battling all weekend caught up with me and I felt really ill on move in day! I still managed to get Chris to carry me over the threshold though!
The day we moved in was the first time we got to see the house as well, so it was even more exciting! I was so excited as we knew it had three bedrooms and a garden, which I had been dreaming about. The house is so lovely as well I couldn't have been happier :) 


27th March
The day after the wedding we went to Volksworld show! We were very excited as we have been missing going to VW shows over the winter! I somehow managed to get my dad, step-mum, step-sister and step-nan to come along as well!

The wedding...

So there was a lot going on in the follow up to the wedding, but it's all become a bit of a blur right now. So I'll just cut straight to the wedding!
26th March
We got married at 4 o'clock in Cambridge Register Office. Chris was so nervous throughout the ceremony I held his hand so tight throughout the whole thing. I thought I was going to cry through the whole ceremony, but I managed to hold it together and only shed one tear as Chris's sister Trish started!
After the ceremony we headed over to the evening venue by the river for some photos. It was freezing, but we still got some lovely shots!
I have taken some of our photographers shots and turned them into polaroids to show them on the blog...

Me trying not to look cold! 

A lovely shot of Chris and my brother Alex, the best man

The groomsmen (I managed to cut my dad off when I made it into a polaroid! oops!)
L-R my dad, my brother, Chris, Chris's dad and Chris's brother

Me and my dad!

Chris and his sister Trish, I love this photo! 

Me and Chris in full view

Laughing in excitement, we are finally married!

Finally my favourite shot of me and Chris <3

A time of change

Just for a quick update before I start...
So it has been a very long time since I last posted and a lot has happened in that time!
Basically I had to take a break as I was so busy I just didn't have time to update although I wish I'd made more time for it. Anyway lots to update on!
First of all me and Chris are now married! The wedding was amazing and it couldn't have gone any better! Secondly we are now living in a new house! It's really lovely and we are very happy! 
Finally we are starting to get ready for the arrival of our baby! We had to give in to buying baby items eventually and now we have I am more excited than ever!
So back to the blog, I will try to go in order of when things happened.

On the 27th February we went to the affordable vintage fair in Bethnal Green, London. It was a great day out although we didn't end up buying anything. Was good fun to dress up though and we also enjoyed a pot of tea and a cupcakes!
Bethnal Green

 Afterwards we also paid a visit to the V&A Museum of Childhood, which was really good. There were some really cool vintage toys there and Chris had a really good time!

Original gameboy

 Wonder woman doll
Skateboarding Barbie!

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Music to my ears!

This is just a quick update as I'm on my lunch break.
I have been listening to and loving forties wartime music at the moment and one of my favourite songs I have discovered is this one
Enjoy :)

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Photo update

My didn't January go by quickly!
Anyway as Chris takes most of the photos and doesn't update the blog or give them to me I sometimes get them a bit late, so apologies of how late some of these are!
I will try to put them in order...

 Our vintage style Christmas tree

Retro Casio watches

This is Ninja Turtles fancy dress costume that Chris's mum made him when he was little! So cute!! 

 Chris's culinary talents, yummy eggy crumpets and bacon he made us for breakfast one weekend! :)

 Gingerbread cookie cutters we got for Christmas

Me and Chris's sister Trish baked an Earl Grey cake. 

 Cupcakes I made!

Our fish Ringo!

Super cool condiments Chris found in TK Maxx!

Sunday, 23 January 2011

The wedding planner

So the wedding plans are slowly coming together...
We have now officially booked the caterers and photographer, might have a wedding car lined up and Chris has bought his suit!

The caterers we are using are called Chef de la Maison and we have chosen a mixture of a finger buffet and canap├ęs.

The photographer we are using usually photographs hot-rods and pin-up girls in an amazing retro, arty way exactly what we wanted! It is Neal Reed of Retro Photo.
Here is an example from another wedding he photographed

The car we might be using is a 1932 Hot Rod! Although I won't put up a picture until I definitely know in case I jinx it!

The suit Chris has chosen is a sixties style slim-fit grey Calvin Klein, although I haven't seen it yet as it's being tailored, but it sounds fabulous I'm really excited! Once I have seen it, I'll be able to pick my hair style and shoes too!

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Retro day off

So today is Tuesday which just happens to be my day off from work. 
Anyway I was just thinking about how I am to spend my day and I decided it is full of retro things!
Firstly I have just watched a Marilyn Monroe film. These I am addicted to at the moment! 
I one I have watched today is called Let's Make Love
It was really good, Marilyn is an actress who is in love with a fellow actor and Jean-Marc is a billionaire who will stop at nothing to win her affections.

My favourite that I have watched up to now though is by far How To Marry A Millionaire! I simply love that film!!!
So glamorous! Every time I watch one of these films it makes me yearn for the glamour!!!
So while I watched it I gave myself a manicure! Very dark red glossy nails!

Then I just had a lovely chat with my girlfriend! Lots of wedding talk!!

Then the rest of the day entails baking a cake and doing ironing. Pretty retro activities I'd say!

Monday, 17 January 2011

Sad times

I am selling my Raleigh Chopper bike. An original from 1972. Anyone who rides it instantly looks cool!
Although I need the money for the wedding and I think now I'm going to be a mummy I need to grow up and find something more sensible to ride!!!
Anyway here is a picture of it in dedication!
Bye bye chopper. I love you!

Latest update

Had the second baby scan last week everything went really well so that's a relief!
Decided not to find out the sex though!

Not long till the wedding now literally 10 weeks! How exciting!
So far we have got the venues booked. Cambridge register office and Cambridge University Sports and Social Club. We have also booked the band, the 6Ts who do sixties covers.

We decided a band would add a nicer touch than a dj! I can't wait for them to play!
I have also bought my wedding dress and all the bridesmaids dresses. Managed to get them all for under £200! Just hope the bridesmaid's dresses all fit now!

We have also decided on a cake design, which Chris's mum is making!

The invitations are being designed at the moment and hopefully will be sent out in a few weeks! I have found some envelopes for them just need to get them made soon. They are being laser cut which I'm very excited about!

Though that is it! We are going shopping for Chris's suit and all the accessories for it this weekend in Cambridge and London. He said he found a really cool retro Lambretta one in pinstripes which sounds fab! Him and my brother who is best man have also decided they want to wear low top Converse All Stars with their suits! More retro cool!

Lastly I have decided on the bouquets which will be cream roses tied with cream lace.
No pics as of yet though I'm afraid!

That also means about 8 weeks till we move and till I leave my job! Not looking forward to telling work, but very excited about moving though so I can get away from the stench of this flat so fed up of my sense of smell triggering my morning sickness!

There is still lots and lots to do though! I feel like I'm in a bit of a mad panic at the moment over it all!

Other retro-ness I have to share we have been collecting more stamps to go into the collections we have both built up. I'm crazy over the new special ones by the Royal Mail. FAB the genius of Gerry Anderson. 
These are the 6 designs of regular stamps my favourite is probably the Thunderbirds one! These are all for 1st class and 97p stamps.

What has got me most excited though is not just how cool these are, but for the first time ever Royal Mail have produced Motion Stamps!!!!
These are the 4 designs!
I am so excited about these!!!!

Anyway enough for one post!!!! I'll update some more in a bit!!!!

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