Tuesday, 17 August 2010

The Vintage China

This is the vintage china we got from the car boot sale! Me and Chris are really excited cos it's so pretty! We were feeling a little disheartened as we were nearly at the end and hadn't found any china which was mainly what we were looking for then found all this in the last 10 minutes! Lucky us!

The night before I'd also discovered these pretty vintage style cake tins in Tesco

Aren't they cute!

And just because it was so yummy here's what I had for brunch today. 


I have really been in a food mood today as I have also been doing some baking :) I have made mine and Chris's favourites rocky roads although this time I added some apricots as I had some left over form the cookies we made on Sunday so we will see how they taste. I have also made flapjacks for the first time too, so I am not sure how they will have turned out as they are still cooling but they smell delicious!

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