Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Our Coolest Find!

Last weekend Myself and the Lady decided to take a trip to the car boot in search of some quaint old English cups, plates and home ware. Which im sure will make a feature soon. But being a man we had to buy these!
This is a 1950's Auto-maptic. A very rare slide map! Described as "Safer and quicker to use than a folding map"
Being an old road map its Fun to see no M25 (the UK's biggest car park) and 2 proposed motorways (M1 & M6)
Its such a cool little piece of 50's tech we couldn't pass it up!
The other little find was this Very clean 1957 Brownie Flash 3 box camera from Kodak. It features a nice little push button shutter button, a filter, focal range slide and an optional flash!
I hope we get more luck like this in the future!

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