Monday, 19 July 2010

Hello :)

Hello to all!
Welcome to my new blog about retro stuff me and my boyfriend love :)

So at the moment I still live at home (separated from my beloved), but that has never stopped me daydreaming of the house I will own some day and what it will be like. I like a mixture of retro, kitsch, vintage, country, coastal, hand-made and the odd bit of modern. I'd love a peek into the future at what it might look like!

Me and my boyfriend are always talking about things we have seen and want for our house like these flamingo fairy lights which are way cool! You can buy them here

Also something I saw today that we both loved is this union flag throw which is so gorgeous! And you can buy one here

Another thing we talked about having in our house is a massive shelf for displaying all our retro cameras on, like the polaroid in the title banner. I will do a post on the cameras sometime as they are amazing! We thought it would be cool to just grab a camera off the shelf on the way out somewhere! We also want our own dark room too :)

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