Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Retro camping

I love this camping photo from the 70s! Me and my boyfriend Chris really love to go camping in a tent and are really excited to be going this weekend. We are thinking of going to the Cotswolds as it is so beautiful there. I also love how not many people enjoy going camping these days and if they do go they cheat and go in a caravan! There is even a whole new craze now of 'glamping' which in my opinion isn't even camping at all! At least festivals are keeping the spirit up though!

I am really excited about planning this trip especially as Chris has just bought us a gorgeous retro picnic set by Brexton off ebay! 

I love the colour scheme of this so much as I have never seen a grey set before and we both loved the polka dot cups and plates so much! Can't wait to use it.

If you are not into Brexton style picnic sets you can get some lovely picnic hampers and a delightful modern version is Cath Kidston's 2 person cherry picnic hamper.

I love the 50s inspired design. Isn't Cath Kidston just great! You can buy this one here

A really fun DIY picnic set I came across was on another website Design Sponge 

There's a guide on how to make the set on this page I just love how crazy and fun it is! :) And yes that is real grass too! I also adore the wooden cutlery, so cute!

Another addition to our camping and picnic gear is a lovely picnic blanket, which I first spotted in Country Living magazine made by Barefoot Kitchen. They are made from 'shoddy wool' which is the scraps of wool that would usually get thrown away and Barefoot have made them into gorgeous blankets! I love the thought of this! 

We have not received it yet, but we can't wait to use it! You can buy one here.
I also love the fact that it's a tiny company in Cornwall, me and Chris are both big on supporting small businesses :) They usually sell the nicest things anyway!

Next on the list is to decide on a campsite and the food to take which I have been planning already although I'm not going to write about that as it's a surprise for Chris! 

I can tell you though that we'll most definitely be listening to some retro music while we are away as we always do like the Kinks, Chuck Berry, Buddy Holly, The Beatles, The Specials, Madness, The Clash and much more!

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