Monday, 26 July 2010

11 Updates From The Last Week

Haven't updated the blog in a whole week so here are some snippets from the last week :)

1. Chris dropped the Polaroid camera today and took a photo of NOTHING. Bummer that's £3.50 down the drain lol.

2. I bought some yummy Oreos earlier and I think I might have to have some in a minute.

3. The Brexton picnic set arrived only the woman did not wrap the plates and they arrived smashed. Useless.

4. I have got back to doing more knitting/sewing :)

5. I sold my 1971 Beetle at last hopefully she went to a lovely new home.

6. We went for a picnic it was lovely especially with our new blanket and delicious Waitrose food!

7. We did not go to BugJam and were very glad about it!

8. I ordered Chris a Dr. Pepper t-shirt as a surprise and it arrived finally which he was super pleased with! I bought it from Amazon here

9. We never went camping either, but have set another weekend date to go and also a whole week!

10. I have been watching loads of Chris's films which I haven't seem before so will have to do a post on that soon.

11. Me and Chris have found a wedding venue, both very excited! 

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