Monday, 17 January 2011

Latest update

Had the second baby scan last week everything went really well so that's a relief!
Decided not to find out the sex though!

Not long till the wedding now literally 10 weeks! How exciting!
So far we have got the venues booked. Cambridge register office and Cambridge University Sports and Social Club. We have also booked the band, the 6Ts who do sixties covers.

We decided a band would add a nicer touch than a dj! I can't wait for them to play!
I have also bought my wedding dress and all the bridesmaids dresses. Managed to get them all for under £200! Just hope the bridesmaid's dresses all fit now!

We have also decided on a cake design, which Chris's mum is making!

The invitations are being designed at the moment and hopefully will be sent out in a few weeks! I have found some envelopes for them just need to get them made soon. They are being laser cut which I'm very excited about!

Though that is it! We are going shopping for Chris's suit and all the accessories for it this weekend in Cambridge and London. He said he found a really cool retro Lambretta one in pinstripes which sounds fab! Him and my brother who is best man have also decided they want to wear low top Converse All Stars with their suits! More retro cool!

Lastly I have decided on the bouquets which will be cream roses tied with cream lace.
No pics as of yet though I'm afraid!

That also means about 8 weeks till we move and till I leave my job! Not looking forward to telling work, but very excited about moving though so I can get away from the stench of this flat so fed up of my sense of smell triggering my morning sickness!

There is still lots and lots to do though! I feel like I'm in a bit of a mad panic at the moment over it all!

Other retro-ness I have to share we have been collecting more stamps to go into the collections we have both built up. I'm crazy over the new special ones by the Royal Mail. FAB the genius of Gerry Anderson. 
These are the 6 designs of regular stamps my favourite is probably the Thunderbirds one! These are all for 1st class and 97p stamps.

What has got me most excited though is not just how cool these are, but for the first time ever Royal Mail have produced Motion Stamps!!!!
These are the 4 designs!
I am so excited about these!!!!

Anyway enough for one post!!!! I'll update some more in a bit!!!!

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