Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Retro day off

So today is Tuesday which just happens to be my day off from work. 
Anyway I was just thinking about how I am to spend my day and I decided it is full of retro things!
Firstly I have just watched a Marilyn Monroe film. These I am addicted to at the moment! 
I one I have watched today is called Let's Make Love
It was really good, Marilyn is an actress who is in love with a fellow actor and Jean-Marc is a billionaire who will stop at nothing to win her affections.

My favourite that I have watched up to now though is by far How To Marry A Millionaire! I simply love that film!!!
So glamorous! Every time I watch one of these films it makes me yearn for the glamour!!!
So while I watched it I gave myself a manicure! Very dark red glossy nails!

Then I just had a lovely chat with my girlfriend! Lots of wedding talk!!

Then the rest of the day entails baking a cake and doing ironing. Pretty retro activities I'd say!

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