Sunday, 23 January 2011

The wedding planner

So the wedding plans are slowly coming together...
We have now officially booked the caterers and photographer, might have a wedding car lined up and Chris has bought his suit!

The caterers we are using are called Chef de la Maison and we have chosen a mixture of a finger buffet and canap├ęs.

The photographer we are using usually photographs hot-rods and pin-up girls in an amazing retro, arty way exactly what we wanted! It is Neal Reed of Retro Photo.
Here is an example from another wedding he photographed

The car we might be using is a 1932 Hot Rod! Although I won't put up a picture until I definitely know in case I jinx it!

The suit Chris has chosen is a sixties style slim-fit grey Calvin Klein, although I haven't seen it yet as it's being tailored, but it sounds fabulous I'm really excited! Once I have seen it, I'll be able to pick my hair style and shoes too!

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