Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Baby update!

So now I am 34 weeks and 5 days pregnant, there is less than 6 weeks till our baby is due!
I get more nervous and more excited with each day! It's such a strange feeling, not knowing what to expect, I bet second time around is much better at least you know what happens exactly. I am coping OK though, even not having any family or friends around, I've just been keeping busy with sorting the house out!
We had another scan this Monday to check how things were going and everything is fine, which was a nice relief. Although we were informed the baby is 35-36 weeks size already, so we're going to have a big baby! Although at least baby is growing properly and is healthy. We saw the baby swallowing (no wonder it gets hiccups so much the amount it swallowed!) and then the radiographer zoomed in on the baby's face and it was amazing like a photo!

Other baby related things are what we have had to get ready for the baby. As Chris only had a 2 seater van and I had no car, we decided it was time to buy a new car with more seats! Chris decided he wanted a Mk5 Golf (yes we only wanted a VW!) So we found a really good one and we and picked it up last weekend, which just happened to be in Bournemouth (where my dad lives). So we had a lovely weekend at the beach and my was it hot!
The new car!

Also last weekend we thought it was about time to look for a pram and car seat, so not only did we look we ended up buying them!
Ideally we would have had a vintage Silver Cross or similar. Chris still wants a Wisa Gloria because they look like a hot rod!
Though practicality-wise, as we go to a lot of VW shows on grass we thought an off road pram would be better suited to us. So we picked a Baby Jogger. Quite plain in black, but it will look much better when it has some lovely blankets in etc. :)

Just got to get everything else now!

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