Wednesday, 20 April 2011

The wedding...

So there was a lot going on in the follow up to the wedding, but it's all become a bit of a blur right now. So I'll just cut straight to the wedding!
26th March
We got married at 4 o'clock in Cambridge Register Office. Chris was so nervous throughout the ceremony I held his hand so tight throughout the whole thing. I thought I was going to cry through the whole ceremony, but I managed to hold it together and only shed one tear as Chris's sister Trish started!
After the ceremony we headed over to the evening venue by the river for some photos. It was freezing, but we still got some lovely shots!
I have taken some of our photographers shots and turned them into polaroids to show them on the blog...

Me trying not to look cold! 

A lovely shot of Chris and my brother Alex, the best man

The groomsmen (I managed to cut my dad off when I made it into a polaroid! oops!)
L-R my dad, my brother, Chris, Chris's dad and Chris's brother

Me and my dad!

Chris and his sister Trish, I love this photo! 

Me and Chris in full view

Laughing in excitement, we are finally married!

Finally my favourite shot of me and Chris <3

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