Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Easter weekend

For the Easter bank holiday weekend we headed North to the midlands where my mum and brother live in Warwickshire in a lovely 16th century, countryside retreat of a house! We went to a joint 50th birthday bash of my aunt and uncle and saw lots of family. 

On Saturday we visited some fellow VW enthusiasts, Buddy and Louise, who have been wanting to move to Canada for over a year and finally just sold their house a couple of weeks ago! So we are keeping our fingers crossed for them :)
We exchanged photos of our wedding and a wedding they went to in Vegas the same weekend as our wedding! (Know where I'd rather have been!) 
Louise also told us if we have a baby girl we can have her 1960s dolls pram and dolls she had when she was little! What a lovely vintage surprise! :)

Later that day we went to Ikea. Possibly the worst way to cheat on vintage, with mass-produced, flat-packed furniture! Though if you pick the right items and combine nicely with some key retro pieces I think it can work very well. It's also so easy, they have everything you want at a good price, no need to scour the internet for hours and hours only to get outbid at the last second! 

We started the trip off with delicious Swedish meatballs <3 then slowly worked our way round the store, excitedly buying baby items and other things to make our house more homely :)

Though I wasn't impressed when we got home to find I had forgotten to pick up certain fitting of bulb for our new floor lamp! Oh well, looks like we'll be making another trip!

We also went to the cinema with my brother where we found these napkins!

We then finished the weekend off nicely with a BBQ my brother had organised as a sort of farewell party before he joins the RAF.
Me and Chris are on the far right.

 It wasn't the best weather, a little on the chilly side, but it was delightful to see our friends :)
Chris and Chris taking a picture of one another!

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